Saturday, January 23, 2016

Experience from

The objective of this site is very similar There are pros and cons after I tried this site. In short, I still much better than this site.

1. AddMeFast has problems in several SNS features. There are very few FB likes on my Fan page, very few Pinterest repins, and no Google shares. can provide me these 3 audience.

2. It seems technically, this site is slightly better than, I mean a bit faster and more stable.

1. make it more difficult to use bot to click. Also, it makes it more difficult for human being to click too. On, we can easily use iMacro to automate a lot of things.
2. More expensive in the sense that very few free points given out everyday.
3. Also, is quite expensive for users to spend credits on SNS actions.
4. The worst thing I cannot tolerate is somehow there are still bots on this site. For example, I use my credits mostly on Google share because that is my weakness and not available on ViralContentBuzz and AddMeFast. However, half of the points are taken by fake accounts that share my Google article and delete it immediately. As a a result, my credits are spent and I gained nothing...Hopefully can find a solution of this problem.

Also, a very important caveat is: Facebook is very strict in removing artificial likes. I have 300 likes on my Facebook business page and then very soon it drops to 70.  At first, I thought it is also the bad users on these two sites. But because it happens several times and it drops sharply. So after I google, I found that is Facebook's algorithm. Anyone knows how to work around Facebook's algorithm to get artificial likes by any method?

Friday, January 22, 2016

First Day Experience about

Roughly speaking,'s usage is almost the same as However, AddMeFast covers more SNS sites and more SNS actions. For example, you can get  points by share, like, follow an account on Facebook. At the same time, you also get points by sharing or like posts on Facebook. On ViralContentBuzz, only sharing is covered. Also, it seems there are many users on As a result, my first day's experience shows that AMF is much better than VCB. The number of likes/shares/followers and whatsever are 100 times more than what I can get on VCB. Since both are free (freemium), I will use both in the future.

In short, is much more recommended than VCB.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Two Social Sharing Sites

ViralConentBuzz is a website that facilitate the users to help each other share articles via Social Networking Sites. I have started to use this site for about one month. It seems the marketing of this site on the Internet is very successful. So originally I have high expectation about this site. After trying it for one month, I would recommend this site even it does not help me much so far.

First of all, it is quite user-friendly and easy to use. The idea is also simple, you need to share other user's articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Stumbleupon to earn credits. After you accumulate enough credits, you can spend on your own articles to ask other users to share your articles on those SNS platform.

There are several good things about this site.
(1) The best thing is that the service is 100% free.

(2) They also have a moderating process; they actually have a person to go through the article that you want to share and they may reject it!!! I get rejected several times because (a) not enough contents on one page (b) the page must be an article, they don't share non-article page, (c) once I got rejected also because I used Clicksor ads with pop-under.

(3) Because of the moderating process, some articles for you to share are really interesting and thus when you share on your own page, it can more or less help attract some followers.

(4) I believe the number of shares on each site can still increase the authority and has few SEO benefits on each page.

The number one disadvantage about this site is somehow even there are quite a number of people (maybe like 20+) shared my pages across all 4 platforms, very limited traffic was generated (I believe less than 30 visitors). It could be most of the profiles are not the real person's own profile, and some users just share like spam messages, and thus the performance is poor.

Today, I started to sign up another similar service This time I do not have that high expectation. But hopefully it can still promote my site a bit. My experience will be shared later.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Experience from Fiverr --- Episode 2: writing 2 articles for $5

I bought two gigs that are almost identical. Both have around 250 reviews. One has close to 5 ratings and the other has about 4.8 ratings. Both gigs claim to help me write two articles for $5 in 2-3 days.

In the end, the 5 ratings gig is perfect. He replied right after I submitted my order to confirm this transaction. He did deliver on time. These two articles are quite good and better than my expectation. I will definitely buy again. I happily gave him all 5 star ratings.

The other one is an extreme case. After I submitted my transaction, she never replied. So after the deadline, Fiverr allows me to cancel the order with one click and Fiverr gives her default rating 1 start with default comment. Actually I saw that kind of negative comment before I submitted my transaction.

Now I learned two things: I found one good writer to help me. Also, for negative comments not delivered on time, that is created by default Fiverr program. We should pay attention to avoid this kind of gig. But the good thing is the refund progress at Fiverr is really simple and smooth... although Paypal deducted my 0.5 fee.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Experience with Fiverr --- Episode 1

Fiverr is an interesting site to hire someone to do various things for you at $5. There are many attractive deals about SEO. After reading some blog articles about it, I still decided to experiment some of it.

Social Marketing: SNS Shouting to X million Followers

My first trial is about its social marketing section, there are so many sellers claim that they have millions of followers on various SNS site. I picked one with very high rating and also top level seller.
After I paid, he immediately replied and the service started the next day. However, the traffic to my site are clearly bots with 100% bounce rate; those fake users only visited the my home page and left immediately. Those traffic are roughly 50% from Facebook and 50% from Twitter and the source location is mostly in USA, but also including those from other countries. I asked for refund after 1-2 days. The seller pretends to ask dumb question. I asked for refund at directly. It seems the seller replies YES/Agree very fast and I got my $5 dollor back. But because I paid by Paypal, it seems my 0.5 processing fee is not refunded? In short, this experiment teaches me all these kinds of gigs are probably scams.

I am not sure when the seller claims they have tens of thousands of followers, will it be true? But I also tried, which is a real deal.  On that site, even a user with 5000 (irrelevant) followers really shout for me, the benefit is very very limited; probably only 1-2 visitors will be generated.

Keyword Reseach

The second trial is about keyword research. Some blogs suggested this is one type of service that worthes and money. I picked one seller with high rating and top level. He replied fast and delivered on time. In the report, there are close to 2000 keywords related to my site. Also, there are several columns about the comeptiveness of each keyword. That is expressed in an easy-to-understand way. There are also PPC information. I would say the seller did his job. But this is a bit different from what I thought in two ways. I was expecting something like Also, although there are 2000 keywords, but they centered around few themes. In the end, I would say the seller deliver something promised in the ads but it is not as useful as I expected and it does not worth my $5. I gave him a high rating still but I won't come back again for that service even for my other new sites.

In conclusion, I will try more gigs at Fiverr in the near future and post my experience. Hopefully some will be more useful. Also, I hope Fiverr can provide the statistics about refund rate of each gig to stop those scams...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Can baby eat asparagus?


Asparagus in general is a very healthy food and it has the following benefits. First ,it’s loaded with nutrients, incuding fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium. Second, it is a rich source of glutathione and is among the top vegetables with rich antioxidants. Asparagus is also rich in folate and amino acid asparagine. For adults, clearly it is a good vegetable. However, is it good for babies?

If we type this question into Google, the first result is

1. Asparagus - Wholesome Baby Food - Momtastic,

This website suggests "Feeding Your Baby Asparagus as Baby Food. Asparagus is a great veggie to make as a finger food. The spears are fun and interesting for baby to look at." in the Google description.

However, inside, it suggests this food with caution.
"Asparagus, like broccoli or cauliflower, might not be a good choice for one of baby’s first vegetables. Asparagus may cause gas and may be a bit hard for a tiny tummy to digest. Asparagus is best given to an infant between 8-10 months old. If your baby has had any digestive issues, it would be best to introduce asparagus into the diet later rather than sooner. As with any suggested age recommendation, there is no harm in trying asparagus earlier and many babies have been introduced to it earlier than 8 months of age. Keep in mind that some people find that asparagus gives them a bit of gassiness and bloating; watch for these symptoms when you feed your baby asparagus. Asparagus makes a great Baby Finger Food too."

2. The second result is about Asparagus Baby Food Recipes 

Although the main point of this page is a recipe, it indeed has the following paragraph about our question and the opinion is not that positive.

"Asparagus is not considered to be a common allergen, although – as with all new foods – you should use the four day rule as you introduce it. Asparagus contains raffinose, the same substance that’s in beans and which tends to cause gas! However, asparagus contains less raffinose than beans – consequently, it may cause discomfort in some babies and not others. Luckily for us, we’ve never noticed a problem with gassiness in our babies after giving them asparagus! Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to introduce asparagus as a very first food and it’s best avoided altogether before 6 months of age (please see this page for more information about introducing solids before 6 months). You can try offering asparagus after your baby is enjoying other fruits and vegetables, from 6 months of age, delaying its introduction until later in baby’s first year if he’s prone to upset tummies and gas (wind).

3. The 3rd Google result is Can I Give My Baby Asparagus?

The main point is similar to the first two results.

"Can I Give My Baby Asparagus? Answer: From 8-10 Months.
Most babies are introduced to solid foods between four and six months of age. Until then, formula and breast milk provide all of your child’s essential nutrients. Your baby will give you clear signs to let you know that he or she is ready for solid foods.
Some of these signs include head control, sitting well with support, chewing motions, significant weight gain, growing appetite and showing curiosity about what you are eating."

4. The 4th result is from a famous site

The content is only about "How to Make Asparagus Puree for Babies?" and has nothing to do with our question.


5. The 5th result is from "Asparagus - Baby Led Weaning".

Interestingly, this short article is more positive about feeding babies with asparagus. See below.
"The perfect baby led weaning food, I reckon. Not too messy, easy to prepare and it arrives pre-formed into the Rapley 'chip-shape'. Or the shape of a spear or asparagus, if you will."


To Conclude: Google has provided some good answers to our main question in this case. The first 3 results are consistent in arguing that we should only feed babies asparagus from 8-10 months. However, it could be that those 3 articles refer to the same source; they quote from the same scientific study, or what is worse, they simply copy from each other (or another site being ranked low on Google). The 4th article is irrelevant, and it appears probably because of's superior domain authority. The 5th posting is the dark side of Internet. It is quite misleading and does not mention anything about the potential problem of eating asparagus for babies.


(Not So) Related Video from YouTube 

Friday, January 1, 2016

What is the best sleeping position for baby?


 What is the best sleeping position for baby?

    This article summarizes the top Google search results from the query "Best Newborn Sleep Position". 
  1.  #1, Sleep Position: Why Back is Best

    The Alexa ranking of is 37,980, which is not very top. This article is a high quality article with very detailed explanation about the best sleep position --- sleeping on the back. This article is highly recommended for interested readers.


    #2, Baby Sleep Myths Every Parent Should Know

    This article is from the second most popular parenting site, There are 5 myths discussed on this page and sleep position is only one of it with very short description. The main point is sleep on the back is the best position. There is a myth that side sleep is fine but modern scientific research shows that side sleep is risky.


    #3, Safe sleeping for babies: essential tips,

    The Alexa rank of this site is 67,746, which is not a top website. The article quality is quite good. It covers 11 tips about safe sleep tips. The important points include

    • sleeping baby on her tummy and side
    • sleeping baby on soft surfaces (sofa, soft mattress, pillow, waterbed, lamb’s wool), with or without a parent
    • baby’s face and head getting covered by bedding, which can lead to accidental suffocation and overheating – a known cause of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents)
    • smoking during pregnancy or after birth.

    The part about back sleep position is
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs. This is the safest position for healthy babies. Babies are more likely to die of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents) if they sleep on their sides or tummies.
    If you’re worried about your baby choking on vomit, it might help to know that healthy babies put to sleep on their backs are less likely to choke on vomit than babies put to sleep on their tummies or sides.
    Once your baby can roll over (at around 4-6 months), keep putting him to sleep on his back, but let him find his own sleeping position. 


    #4, What's the best position for a newborn to sleep in?

    The Bump has Alexa ranking 7374, which is not bad. This article is quite short. The first main point is correct: back position is the best. The second main point is: do not use sleep positioner, stuff animals...etc.


    #5, Newborn Baby Sleep

    Similar to another blog article "SEO and the Informativeness of the Results: An Example by Querying "Chocolate during Pregnancy", Baby Center(the largest parenting site)'s article is the most ridiculous result listed in top 5 results. This Baby Center page is just an index page without any detailed information about the best newborn sleep position.


    #6, Best Sleeping Position for Newborn is Back Position and Newborn Side Sleeping is the Worst

    Consistent with the first4 articles (nothing on  the 5th Baby Center page), back sleep position is the best. also summarized several detailed benefits of back sleep, which are not mentioned in the other articles. This include
    • In addition, for premature babies, sleeping on the back reduces the risk of apnea (suspension of external breathing) as they may have more central apneas when lying on their tummy.  
    • Babies who sleep on their back also have fewer health-related problems such as coughing and pyrexia.

    Actually, there are also disadvantages of back sleep position not mentioned in other articles. However, these disadvantages are relatively mild, compared with the reduced risk of suffocate of back sleep position. Interested readers can read more at for more details.



    Five Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night