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What is the best sleeping position for baby?


 What is the best sleeping position for baby?

    This article summarizes the top Google search results from the query "Best Newborn Sleep Position". 
  1.  #1, Sleep Position: Why Back is Best

    The Alexa ranking of is 37,980, which is not very top. This article is a high quality article with very detailed explanation about the best sleep position --- sleeping on the back. This article is highly recommended for interested readers.


    #2, Baby Sleep Myths Every Parent Should Know

    This article is from the second most popular parenting site, There are 5 myths discussed on this page and sleep position is only one of it with very short description. The main point is sleep on the back is the best position. There is a myth that side sleep is fine but modern scientific research shows that side sleep is risky.


    #3, Safe sleeping for babies: essential tips,

    The Alexa rank of this site is 67,746, which is not a top website. The article quality is quite good. It covers 11 tips about safe sleep tips. The important points include

    • sleeping baby on her tummy and side
    • sleeping baby on soft surfaces (sofa, soft mattress, pillow, waterbed, lamb’s wool), with or without a parent
    • baby’s face and head getting covered by bedding, which can lead to accidental suffocation and overheating – a known cause of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents)
    • smoking during pregnancy or after birth.

    The part about back sleep position is
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs. This is the safest position for healthy babies. Babies are more likely to die of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents) if they sleep on their sides or tummies.
    If you’re worried about your baby choking on vomit, it might help to know that healthy babies put to sleep on their backs are less likely to choke on vomit than babies put to sleep on their tummies or sides.
    Once your baby can roll over (at around 4-6 months), keep putting him to sleep on his back, but let him find his own sleeping position. 


    #4, What's the best position for a newborn to sleep in?

    The Bump has Alexa ranking 7374, which is not bad. This article is quite short. The first main point is correct: back position is the best. The second main point is: do not use sleep positioner, stuff animals...etc.


    #5, Newborn Baby Sleep

    Similar to another blog article "SEO and the Informativeness of the Results: An Example by Querying "Chocolate during Pregnancy", Baby Center(the largest parenting site)'s article is the most ridiculous result listed in top 5 results. This Baby Center page is just an index page without any detailed information about the best newborn sleep position.


    #6, Best Sleeping Position for Newborn is Back Position and Newborn Side Sleeping is the Worst

    Consistent with the first4 articles (nothing on  the 5th Baby Center page), back sleep position is the best. also summarized several detailed benefits of back sleep, which are not mentioned in the other articles. This include
    • In addition, for premature babies, sleeping on the back reduces the risk of apnea (suspension of external breathing) as they may have more central apneas when lying on their tummy.  
    • Babies who sleep on their back also have fewer health-related problems such as coughing and pyrexia.

    Actually, there are also disadvantages of back sleep position not mentioned in other articles. However, these disadvantages are relatively mild, compared with the reduced risk of suffocate of back sleep position. Interested readers can read more at for more details.



    Five Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night


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