Sunday, January 17, 2016

Experience from Fiverr --- Episode 2: writing 2 articles for $5

I bought two gigs that are almost identical. Both have around 250 reviews. One has close to 5 ratings and the other has about 4.8 ratings. Both gigs claim to help me write two articles for $5 in 2-3 days.

In the end, the 5 ratings gig is perfect. He replied right after I submitted my order to confirm this transaction. He did deliver on time. These two articles are quite good and better than my expectation. I will definitely buy again. I happily gave him all 5 star ratings.

The other one is an extreme case. After I submitted my transaction, she never replied. So after the deadline, Fiverr allows me to cancel the order with one click and Fiverr gives her default rating 1 start with default comment. Actually I saw that kind of negative comment before I submitted my transaction.

Now I learned two things: I found one good writer to help me. Also, for negative comments not delivered on time, that is created by default Fiverr program. We should pay attention to avoid this kind of gig. But the good thing is the refund progress at Fiverr is really simple and smooth... although Paypal deducted my 0.5 fee.

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