Saturday, January 23, 2016

Experience from

The objective of this site is very similar There are pros and cons after I tried this site. In short, I still much better than this site.

1. AddMeFast has problems in several SNS features. There are very few FB likes on my Fan page, very few Pinterest repins, and no Google shares. can provide me these 3 audience.

2. It seems technically, this site is slightly better than, I mean a bit faster and more stable.

1. make it more difficult to use bot to click. Also, it makes it more difficult for human being to click too. On, we can easily use iMacro to automate a lot of things.
2. More expensive in the sense that very few free points given out everyday.
3. Also, is quite expensive for users to spend credits on SNS actions.
4. The worst thing I cannot tolerate is somehow there are still bots on this site. For example, I use my credits mostly on Google share because that is my weakness and not available on ViralContentBuzz and AddMeFast. However, half of the points are taken by fake accounts that share my Google article and delete it immediately. As a a result, my credits are spent and I gained nothing...Hopefully can find a solution of this problem.

Also, a very important caveat is: Facebook is very strict in removing artificial likes. I have 300 likes on my Facebook business page and then very soon it drops to 70.  At first, I thought it is also the bad users on these two sites. But because it happens several times and it drops sharply. So after I google, I found that is Facebook's algorithm. Anyone knows how to work around Facebook's algorithm to get artificial likes by any method?

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