Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Experience with Fiverr --- Episode 1

Fiverr is an interesting site to hire someone to do various things for you at $5. There are many attractive deals about SEO. After reading some blog articles about it, I still decided to experiment some of it.

Social Marketing: SNS Shouting to X million Followers

My first trial is about its social marketing section, there are so many sellers claim that they have millions of followers on various SNS site. I picked one with very high rating and also top level seller.
After I paid, he immediately replied and the service started the next day. However, the traffic to my site are clearly bots with 100% bounce rate; those fake users only visited the my home page and left immediately. Those traffic are roughly 50% from Facebook and 50% from Twitter and the source location is mostly in USA, but also including those from other countries. I asked for refund after 1-2 days. The seller pretends to ask dumb question. I asked for refund at directly. It seems the seller replies YES/Agree very fast and I got my $5 dollor back. But because I paid by Paypal, it seems my 0.5 processing fee is not refunded? In short, this experiment teaches me all these kinds of gigs are probably scams.

I am not sure when the seller claims they have tens of thousands of followers, will it be true? But I also tried, which is a real deal.  On that site, even a user with 5000 (irrelevant) followers really shout for me, the benefit is very very limited; probably only 1-2 visitors will be generated.

Keyword Reseach

The second trial is about keyword research. Some blogs suggested this is one type of service that worthes and money. I picked one seller with high rating and top level. He replied fast and delivered on time. In the report, there are close to 2000 keywords related to my site. Also, there are several columns about the comeptiveness of each keyword. That is expressed in an easy-to-understand way. There are also PPC information. I would say the seller did his job. But this is a bit different from what I thought in two ways. I was expecting something like Also, although there are 2000 keywords, but they centered around few themes. In the end, I would say the seller deliver something promised in the ads but it is not as useful as I expected and it does not worth my $5. I gave him a high rating still but I won't come back again for that service even for my other new sites.

In conclusion, I will try more gigs at Fiverr in the near future and post my experience. Hopefully some will be more useful. Also, I hope Fiverr can provide the statistics about refund rate of each gig to stop those scams...

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