Monday, January 18, 2016

Two Social Sharing Sites

ViralConentBuzz is a website that facilitate the users to help each other share articles via Social Networking Sites. I have started to use this site for about one month. It seems the marketing of this site on the Internet is very successful. So originally I have high expectation about this site. After trying it for one month, I would recommend this site even it does not help me much so far.

First of all, it is quite user-friendly and easy to use. The idea is also simple, you need to share other user's articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Stumbleupon to earn credits. After you accumulate enough credits, you can spend on your own articles to ask other users to share your articles on those SNS platform.

There are several good things about this site.
(1) The best thing is that the service is 100% free.

(2) They also have a moderating process; they actually have a person to go through the article that you want to share and they may reject it!!! I get rejected several times because (a) not enough contents on one page (b) the page must be an article, they don't share non-article page, (c) once I got rejected also because I used Clicksor ads with pop-under.

(3) Because of the moderating process, some articles for you to share are really interesting and thus when you share on your own page, it can more or less help attract some followers.

(4) I believe the number of shares on each site can still increase the authority and has few SEO benefits on each page.

The number one disadvantage about this site is somehow even there are quite a number of people (maybe like 20+) shared my pages across all 4 platforms, very limited traffic was generated (I believe less than 30 visitors). It could be most of the profiles are not the real person's own profile, and some users just share like spam messages, and thus the performance is poor.

Today, I started to sign up another similar service This time I do not have that high expectation. But hopefully it can still promote my site a bit. My experience will be shared later.

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