Monday, November 13, 2017

Expedia Silver+ Special amenities Sharing: Luxe Manor Hong Kong

I stayed in Luxe Manor Hong Kong from 2017/11/12-2017/11/13 for only one night. This is unique boutique hotel and the overall experience is "excellent" at this price level.

I am only silver+ member of Expedia, the amenities is limited.
1. 150 HKD voucher for foods and drinks.
2. 15% off foods and drinks.

The 2nd item is not an amenities at all since every hotel guest will have this. At least for me, because I also bought the TOUCH package, which also includes this discount.

As to 150 HKD, in my TOUCH package, I already received 500HKD voucher. I thought this is great value but actually it is not as good as it is. There are only one restaurant FIND and one lounge bar. The foods at FIND is good but over-priced. It is difficult to spend less than 650HKD at FIND. Probably you can only order two main courses and that's all. So, 150HKD does have some values but you may spend more than that amount like I did.